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I write on a regular basis for a range of clients including Glassdoor, UKCES, Broadbean Technology, Monster and JM Consulting and sometimes contribute blogs to other sites too. Here are some of my favourite posts…

White Papers

Employer Brand Insights and Solutions

Recruitment Market 2016 – Opportunities & Threats

The Truth Behind the STEM Skill Shortage

Top Employers Institute – On-boarding Insights Report

Creating a Culture of Innovation Through Smarter Talent Management

Talent 2020 (contribution)

Recruitment Challenges Facing Charities

Recruitment Challenges in the NHS

Top Employers Institute – Compensation & Benefits


LinkedIn Talent Blog

To Make a Good First Impression on Candidates, Do These 3 Things



5 Ways to Recruit Smarter in 2016

Are You Sending Out the Right Signals to Top Talent?

5 Rules For Recruitment Content That Inspires Action

6 Ways to Give Your Brand Advocates a Voice

6 Recruiting Tips for Companies with Bad Reputations

It’s Time to Rewrite Your Job Descriptions

5 Ways Your Recruitment Process Lets You Down


Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Importance of Having an Authentic Employer Brand

Getting Line Managers to Play Their Role in Engaging and Retaining Talent

4 Things Recruiters Need to Know About the Freelance Economy

Talent Processes are Changing and Here’s How Recruitment Agencies Can Benefit

Four Reasons Why Agencies and Clients Need to Collaborate

Opportunities for Development in a Growing Recruitment Market

Improving Time and Quality Per Hire

How Clients Have Changed

Why Candidate Experience Matters


UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)

Migration and Skills – a balanced view

Are Employers Sending Out the Right Signals to Students?


Top Employers Institute

6 Ways That On-boarding is Evolving

Talent is on the Move Again – Is Your Compensation & Benefits Strategy Ready?


Broadbean Technology

4 Simple Ways to Get Better Referrals

5 Ways Job Seeking is Changing

HIT or a MISS? 7 Recruitment Predictions for 2015

Recruiting : Where HR Meets Marketing

Internal vs External Recruiting – Which Side Are You On?

5 Signs an Employee May Be Ready to Leave You

The Impact of Big Data on Hiring Trends

6 Things HR Gets Wrong About Big Data

5 Ways to Improve Internal Mobility

Talking About the Future of Recruitment

What’s The Future For Job Titles?

6 Advantages of Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency

Does Your Manager Have a License to Hire?

Recruitment Disruption at #iRecruitexpo

What’s Happening in the World of In-House Recruitment?

5 Things We Talked About at #FIRMday

Could Technology be a Barrier to Getting the Right Talent?

5 Things About HR and Technology from #HRTechEurope

The Overwhelmed Employee and Other HR Challenges

Strong Rise in Applications for HR and Recruitment Roles – Are the Jobs There?

7 Key Ingredients for Recruitment Content That Works

5 Predictions for the Recruitment Industry in 2014


Monster UK

WHITE PAPER : Recruitment Challenges Facing Charities

WHITE PAPER : Recruitment Challenges in the NHS

5 Ways to Successfully Build Talent Pipelines

Recruiting For a Different Mindset

5 Ways to Share Your Employer Brand

5 Ways to Get Your Candidate Experience Right

Why We Need to Hire Digital Skills

5 Ways to Get Talent Using Twitter

What Makes a Great Candidate Experience and 5 Ways to Achieve It

How Technology Can Help SMEs Connect With Talent

Why Aren’t We Feeling Valued at Work?

First Impressions Count in Hiring. Make Yours a Good One

What Keeps Staffing Firms Awake at Night?

6 Challenges to Finding the Best IT Talent

The Debate Over Zero Hours Contracts

Use of Intuition in Selection is Increasing – Silver Bullet or Asking for Trouble?

Are You an SME Looking to Hire? Here Are 5 Things That Could go Wrong!

Talent That’s Right Under Your Nose

WTF is Wrong With Your ATS?

6 Simple Things That Lead to Workplace Happiness


JM Consulting HR Search

5 Reasons For a Shorter Interview Process

Why Managers Need to Start Producing Talent

The Benefits of Getting Your Recruitment Process Right

4 Trends That Put Reward at the Heart of Talent Management

Do Hierarchies Have a Future?

4 Trends Shaping the Future of Work

New Approaches to Leadership Development

How Employee Engagement is Changing

5 Behaviours Driving the Future of Performance Management

4 Ways Your Employer Brand May Stop You Getting the Talent You Need

What’s Really Keeping HRDs Awake at Night?

What Makes Great Leadership?

How Mobile and Digital are Impacting HR

The Real Benefits of HR Owning the Employer Brand

How HR Can Own Digital Communication

Why Interims are a Valuable Business Resource


InHouse Recruitment Expo

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Talent Acquisition

Driving Results Through New Ways of Learning

The Value of Talent Pipelines

Why Reputation Matters in Recruitment

Making Sense of Big Data in Recruitment

How to Get Your Employer Brand Right

The Value of Employee Referrals

Looking at Strengths in the Search for Talent

The Importance of Good Recruitment

Could Video Find Your Future Stars?

Better Ways to Assess Future Talent

What Makes a Good Candidate Experience


Some more blogs

People Are Talking, But Are Managers Listening? – CIPD, December 2013

Are Job Boards up to the Challenges? – UK Recruiter, December 2013

Do You Really Know What You’re Looking For? – DiscussHR, May 2014

Whose Workforce Is It Anyway? – DiscussHR, March 2013

Decoding GenY – HRZone, February 2011

Stepstone Solutions Summit 2010 Review – UK Recruiter, November 2010

Getting Yourself Headhunted – Changeboard, August 2010

Clarity, Communication, Closure – 3 Keys to Getting Recruitment Right – HR Zone, July 2010 (subscription service, article reproduced on this blog)

How To Get a Good Experience From your Recruitment Consultant – Changeboard, June 2010

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