So, What Do You Do?

I have just returned following a few days away. A short break usually means some random conversations with fellow holidaymakers and travellers, and at some stage in each conversation there will be the inevitable question…

‘So what do you do?’

In days gone by a quick ‘I work in recruitment‘ or ‘I recruit HR and Marketing people‘ was usually enough to ensure a change of subject but over the last two years it’s been slightly different.

I work in digital marketing’ will often induce glazed eyes but sometimes I feel quite bold and fess up with ‘I’m social media manager for a large digital recruitment business’

The conversation will then go something like…

Them : What, you mean Twitter and that stuff?

Me : Yes. It’s a bit more than that (insert quick explanation about creating content, brand monitoring and community engagement)

Them : Don’t get the point of that Twitter stuff. Or Facebook. Just another fad if you ask me.

Me : We’ll, I think it’s probably gone beyond the fad stage (insert an overview of the numbers and reach of the platforms, the rise of social business and peer recommendations etc)

Them : Sell it to me then. Why should I use it?

Me : Well I don’t like ‘selling’ it to people, but what line of business did you say you were in (insert examples of how social media impacts their industry or job, find out hobbies and interests and attempt to show the value of connecting with like-minded people)

Them : Well I can see that you’re passionate about it but I’m not convinced. The wife does Facebook. She spends all her time looking at photos that her friends put on there. Who can be bothered I ask myself.

Me : (thinking that I should be talking to the wife) Think of it as communication…

You get the picture. The conversation can sometimes go on quite a while with me increasingly adopting an almost exasperatingly apologetic tone as if I’ve got an embarrassing addiction that I need to defend. (Maybe I do)

So tell me…how do you guys explain what you do…