Blogged on the 4th of July…a message for my US buddies

Sorry about the cheesy title…hope you can forgive me.

I wanted to grab the attention of my US friends and wish them a Happy Independence Day…celebrating their freedom from the British (oh how some of my Scottish friends would love to celebrate something similar, substituting British with English!)

Independent or not, there has always been a close bond between the countries… and one that, on a personal level for me, has gotten even closer through Social Media.

So no more of this…

‘Two Nations Separated By a Common Language’

… I can honestly say that after attending HREvolution in May, and also speaking to many of my US Twitter buddies at TruLondon, not to mention the ongoing chat through Twitter, Facebook and many blogs and webchats, then for the Anglo-American HR & Recruiting community it is definitely a case of…

‘Two Nations United By Common Concerns and Issues’.

So to everyone across the Atlantic….Hope You Have a Happy, Relaxing, Enjoyable, Fun-Filled Day with Friends and Family…and I look forward to chatting and debating with you all again soon!

Damn! I may even get to stay awake long enough for HR Happy Hour one of these days!…