Social Media Policies in One Sentence

Ok Ok…I know its guidelines not policies but I needed to get your attention! After all, I’m a convert. An evangelist. And I spread the word whenever I get the chance.

I’ll be spreading it later today at #HRD12 and next week at the Recruiting Through Social Media conference – and I know from past experience that the burning questions will be:

  • should we block employee use of social media
  • what does a good social media policy look like

The answer to number 1 is simple – DON’T! Because you CAN’T! Block their access on a work desktop or laptop if you want but you will only drive them under the desk and on to their phones.

And if you’re about to call out ‘Aha, it’s a company phone so we can block it on there too‘ (as someone did when I was presenting recently) then the answer is…they’ll have another phone! Unless you make them give up their personal number or phone (never a good idea) then they will still be able to access social media – it’s the new cigarette break/coffee break after all – and all that will happen is that you’re unlikely to have visibility of it.

And, of course, the rest of the world will know that you’re a company that tries to block access to social media. Not a desirable bit of ’employer branding’ in Business 3.0 or Recruitment 5.0.

Now what about a policy or guideline?

Keep it simple and if possible limit it to one sentence that means something everyone can understand and relate to. Continue reading “Social Media Policies in One Sentence”