Recruitment Agencies : the Jedward of the business world??

Spontaneous blog time…

Jedward – young guys brimming with confidence.

They can’t sing, rap or dance very well, but they muddle through using a mixture of exuberance, tenacity and confidence and because they’ve got a manager constantly telling them that they’re the best and they can do it.

The Judges‘ don’t like them but recognize that the general public have an affinity with them so they tolerate them.

As soon as the general public lose the affinity, ‘The Judges‘ get rid of them.


Now replace the word ‘Jedward’ with ‘Recruitment Agencies’…

…and ‘The Judges’ with ‘Businesses’ and what have you got…???

Any ideas….???!!!

(note for non UK readers – Jedward are an act that were voted off of last night’s X Factor (the original American Idol) … no-one could understand how they kept in the competition right until the last 6, but they did!)



One thought on “Recruitment Agencies : the Jedward of the business world??

  1. ‘Jedward’ decides to begin their new career as conference speakers and ‘The Judges’ are looking for work because their show was cancelled. Seems that ‘The Network’ produced a replacement show with all of the newest, most exciting features designed to recapture the public’s affection.

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