Can Social Connecting Help Us Find a Head of HR?

It’s time for my first guest blogger.

The company I work for – Courtenay HR – are recruiting a Head of HR for a really great client and we thought that this may be a good opportunity to put the strength of our social connections to the test! Our leader is Gareth Jones – who some of you may now on Twitter as @garelaos – and he has blogged about it on his excellent site Inside My Head…that blog is reproduced here:

Help me prove the concept…

Anyone who knows me, reads my blog or follows me on twitter will know that I am somewhat of a social media evangelist and right now it’s a hotly debated subject in the field of recruitment.  I believe, as some others do, that social ‘connecting’ will have a significant impact on recruitment and will be a significant enabler of people moving in and out of organisations in the future.  But right now I appear to be in the minority.

So, rather than wait for the market to produce an example where a key role has been filled through social connecting, we have decided to test the concept and create our own.  And that’s where we need your help!  We have a great role to fill, and I want to see the impact that resourcing through my social connections can have.  So without further ado:
The role is a c£80k Head of HR for a financial services (non banking) company.  They are a multi award winning organisation for both customer service and employee engagement and are in the top segment of the UK’s high performing organisations (officially measured).  I personally know the HR Director extremely well – we placed them a number of years ago.  They are one of the most credible, commercial and professional individuals I have met in HR so needless to say this is a great opportunity.

The details of the role can be found here but a top line of the kind of person we are looking for in terms of experience:

  • A solid background in generalist HR and Management
  • Strong compensation and benefits experience
  • Experience of managing centralised employee services environments
  • High levels of numeracy and attention to detail

How can you help?
Spread the word!  Some things that you can do to push the role out beyond the traditional recruitment channels would be:

  • Enter the link to this blog in your LinkedIn status message
  • Send a message with a link to this post to your connections on linked in
  • Tweet this post on twitter
  • Refer to this post in your own blog if you have one or:
  • Guest post me – put my post up as a guest post on your blog
  • Send a message out via facebook if you are comfortable with that

Getting in touch
The role is being handled by my good colleague Louise Curtis but if you have any questions you can contact either of us as follows:

Louise: Twitter: @lou_kiwi_curtis or LinkedIn:

Gareth: Twitter: @garelaos or LinkedIn:

I’m not sure how we are going to measure the results as yet, but we are hopeful that the momentum we can generate together will demonstrate the power and speed of social connections made through social media.

Thanking you all in advance for your help and support.  Over to you!

6 thoughts on “Can Social Connecting Help Us Find a Head of HR?

  1. Hi Mervyn and Gareth

    It’s terrific to see you guys breaking the HR status quo, blogging and using social media to propel your business. As a coach, with a background in HR, I took the route of taking a social media approach to marketing my business last year. But when I shared this development with my professional colleagues, most of them looked at me as if I’d lost my marbles. Instead of retreating back into my cave, I decided to take their apathy as a great sign that I was on to something. I haven’t been disappointed!

    I so hope that taking a social media route works for you here. I’ll be really interested to see what happens!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Christine. Like you, we have both embraced social media over the last year or so and haven’t looked back! We’ll let you know what happens.

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