The Community DJ and me

It’s time for another Carnival of HR and our host this time is Matthew Stollak, write of the excellent True Faith HR blog.

He set us a really cool challenge…rather than write a new blog, or share one we have recently written, he asked us choose our favourite ever blogpost. It could be the one that had the biggest impact, or the one that influenced us the most.

My choice is Community DJ posted by Paul Jacobs last year. Read it here.

I loved this post because it was simple and well written. The perfect blog. Three paragraphs…one to pose a question, the next to provide an answer, and the final one to explain why.

The answer wasn’t Paul’s but was suggested by a colleague, yet Paul bought this idea to life in a way that was easy to visualise. We all know what a DJ does, but the way he links this to the role of Community Manager made perfect sense.

It had a big impact on me because this was a role that I was trying to incorporate into my day to day recruiting routine. The term Community DJ made it easy to envisage how I could make it work.

If you’ve followed my own journey in recent months you’ll know that this role is now a full time one for me…and I still use the image of the DJ keeping things fresh, experimenting a bit, and creating an environment where people want to participate as a model for what I do.

Thanks to Paul for writing and Matthew for giving me the opportunity to explain why I like it!

One thought on “The Community DJ and me

  1. Hi Mervyn – I’m just back from reading Paul’s post. Thanks for making me aware of it – it’s got a strong message indeed. Cheers – Doug

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