Some People Who Rocked My Week

Over the last week I’ve attended two amazing events – HRevolution and ConnectingHR Unconference – and have met some super people. In fact I’ve not met anyone who I wouldn’t want to spend a lot more time with.

I don’t really do #FollowFriday on Twitter anymore and have been fairly ambivalent towards the various debates that have sprung up about it in recent months, seeing it more a matter of personal choice.

This weekend is different though. I want to let my blog readers/followers know about some of the people I’ve met. 

I could have tweeted out lists of names with an #FF hashtag but decided that would add little value.

So how about I focus on the people who really did it for me, who really rocked my world this week?

Now I’m putting in the disclaimer early. Everyone I met rocked my week in one way or another. I could easily have put down 200+ names, so I’m going for those who either I didn’t know very well before, or those with whom I really made a connection and who readers of this blog should connect with too….

@DawnHRrocks – one of my certified rockstars of the week! We hadn’t interacted online much before but this lady most definitely rocks! A great blogger and a fun person to be around…I’ll make sure we interact now!

@SBrowneHR – a good friend to the online UK HR community, Steve turned out to be a lovely, genuine guy, intelligent and welcoming, just as he is online!

@akaBruno – for listening to me ramble and rant about the world over a coffee at Atlanta airport…and for promising to send me a link and doing it before I’d even boarded the plane!

@IncentIntel  – for saying some really nice things about me, for being a great guy, for running my favourite track  and for making this video

@TrishMcFarlane @JennyJensHR @Lruettimann @Fishdogs @MarenHogan – for just being Trish, Jenny, Laurie, Craig and Maren!  Aside from this week’s #chru I can’t really imagine an unconference without at least a couple of them! (Fact : in the last 6 months I’ve seen Laurie more times than I’ve seen my sister…and she only lives 10 miles away!)

@HRstalker – just for being there. The community spirit that we’ve got here and in the US goes way beyond learning.

@DougShaw1 – for being one of the nicest guys it’s been my pleasure to get to know through social media (fact) genuine, heart on his sleeve & passionate, yet still humble

@AlisonChisnell – for being a great listener and eager social media disciple! Who knew she worked in HR?!

@naturalgrump @RobJones_Tring – two thoughtful, intelligent and genuine guys who it is always good to be around…and both made big contributions to the success of ConnectingHR unconference

@lindonaldson – for actually being living proof that all this social media encouraging I used to do for candidates does pay off in the end!

@designtwit – great company and a great sounding board

@_jamesp – at 6’ 8” he’s someone I can look up to…and without his social project management skills I’d probably still be sitting in a restaurant in Atlanta waiting to order dinner!

@tlcolson – for putting on the excellent wine tasting session, certainly the first unconference fringe event I’ve attended and hopefully not the last!

And there’s one final shout out for someone who really does deserve a special mention…

@SteveBoese – I only found out a few days ago that Steve was laid off from his job the afternoon before HRevolution. I was on my way when he blogged about it and never saw it, nor did I pick it up at the event…or from my subsequent chats with him over bringing HR Happy Hour to Europe. He heard the news, got on a plane to Atlanta and co-hosted a fabulous event, not letting his situation impact on it. I was in a similar situation a few months ago and I know the mix of feelings and emotions that come with it. I certainly couldn’t have contemplated doing what Steve did.

Steve gives a lot to the HR, Technology and Recruiting community in the US and UK and I echo this blog from Trish McFarlane in hoping that we can pull together and make something happen for him.

Now let’s go rock someone’s week…

4 thoughts on “Some People Who Rocked My Week

  1. Mervyn see there are a lot of us over here that think u guys are rock stars too! I enjoyed getting to meet you and sharing some conversation with you on Friday afternoon. Have a good week – rock on!

  2. Mervyn! What a great post and what a great shout out! You are a blast as well…and your contribution to the HR community is just fabulous. Looking forward to many, many more adventures!

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