The Quality of Thinking

When new bloggers ask for advice, I often say ‘it’s not the quality of writing, it’s the quality of thinking’ – I’m sure that people read blogs to be enlightened, to see something that inspires them and gets them to look at things in a different way.

Regular readers of this blog joined me on the journey to find a new job earlier in the year, and I often wrote of my frustrations with companies within the recruiting industry who weren’t looking beyond the traditional methods and ways of thinking. With the challenges that our industry faces to source, attract, retain and develop the right talent, and to service the demands of shifting organisational models, it always struck me as strange that so few owners, directors and managers embraced the possibility of doing things in a different way.

It was the ability to look at the new and unchartered that so excited me about the opportunity with Jobsite UK. I sensed during my talks with them that there was a real passion and desire to bring fresh and innovative thinking to the recruiting industry, whether that was through written or live content, and to be not just the conduit of this but to be at the very heart of the conversation.

Given my goals at the start of my job search it was a no-brainer to join!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been helping to plan and promote the first event in the Fresh Thinking Series – an on-going series which was very much at the heart of the plans that they shared with me during our chats earlier in the year. It’s a real chance to bring recruiters – both in-house and 3rd party – and HR professionals in to the conversation and let them hear from two of the most enlightening and inspiring minds in this space.

One of the things that most inspired me came from a recent guest blog by Amanda Hite – How Recruiters Can Change The World – not least because she hints at the possibilities for real change, socially and economically, that go way beyond the usual observations around the mechanics of the talent acquisition process.

I’ve always thought that the opportunities offered by social media platforms and networks can be a catalyst for real change, not just in the way we communicate, but in the way we do so many things. On both macro and micro levels the transparency, connectivity and immediacy allows ideas to spread quickly and effectively. The shift in values and communications behaviour, the ‘belief system’ that Felix Wetzel talks about in Social Media Is Changing The World.

I’m looking forward to the next few days, and to continuing the journey that started when I took up my new role.

And I’m looking forward to continuing to learn from, be inspired by and share the quality of thinking.

2 thoughts on “The Quality of Thinking

  1. I’m not so sure I agree Merv. There are lots of blogs out there which I am sure are brilliantly thought through but so dreadfully delivered that you can’t get past the first paragraph. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that many of the most read blogs are often style over content (although I’m not saying that is right). Ideally, I guess we’d like so a combination on the two – well thought out and well executed.

    PS. Looking forward to the event! 🙂

  2. I’d love to be able to agree Mervyn – to be able to say that I could look through poor presentation. So many good people just can’t present their thoughts, ideas and plans in a clear, precise and entertaining manner. Lets bring it back to the world of recruitment. How many recruiters would entertain interviewing a candidate whose application papers, CVs and covering letters are mis-spelt or grammatically incorrect?

    Quality of writing – be it a blog, sales document or a CV – is part of the quality of the piece.

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