Calling For The Voice of Reason

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it is I need
Call up to listen to the voice of reason
And got his answering machine
I left my message but did he f*** get back to me
And now I’m stuck still wondering
How it’s meant to be”

That’s a lyric from the new Arctic Monkeys album. The song’s called ‘Reckless Serenade’ and deals with the uncontrollable emotions you feel when you’re with the most beautiful girl in the world.

Feelings of passion and attempts at understanding love.

You don’t notice distractions (Those twinkling vixens/With the shining spiral eyes/Their hypnosis goes unnoticed/When she’s walking by) you’re just consumed by what you have (The type of kisses/Where teeth collide/When she laughs the Heavens hum/A stun-gun lullaby).

He needs help, needs the voice of reason…but the voice of reason goes to voicemail and never returns the call.

Our hero is left confused, unable to make sense of his feelings and emotions.

It’s a lovely song, and there’s a message in there that really resonates with me.

Sometime this week there’s a strong chance that each one of us could be the voice of reason for someone who needs our help to make sense of whatever it is they can’t fathom for themselves.

Forget how ‘busy’ you are.

Advice, guidance, leadership, direction…whatever it is they need, make sure you hear the message and answer the call.

If someone needs your help…make sure they get it.

3 thoughts on “Calling For The Voice of Reason

  1. Nice one – my ears, mind and eyes are open, I hope I spot the chance to help. And I’m not going to count the £1 I found and returned to it’s rightful owner this morning – that was just the start. Cheers Merv – Doug

  2. Nice reminder, there are always younger, less experienced people who could always do with a hand, development or just being shown that someone is there for them. Thanks.

  3. That Mervyn, is a very nice piece with resonance for a Monday morning post. Helping without any expectation of anything in return is a very humane thing to do. There is not enough of it in the world. I read this yesterday and after it stuck with me few a day I decided to return and add my comment.

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