Hands Across The Water

During my visit to HREvolution in Atlanta earlier this year I was able to spend some time with Bonni Titgemeyer – you may know her as @BonniToronto on Twitter. She is great company – intelligent and passionate about HR – and has enjoyed a varied career as practitioner, consultant, blogger, instructor and communicator. She has also created The Employment Opportunities List, a site that helps publicise jobs and blogs within the Toronto HR community or as she puts it making the hidden job market in HR less hidden.

Now Bonni is on a mission to bring social networking to the broader HR community in her area and has initiated The Engagement Project.

By reaching out and engaging with the HR community on twitter, and using the hashtag #TEPHR for all her interactions, she is looking to showcase the power of social media to connect, engage share and learn – and hopes that for the naysayers and deniers seeing is believing!

Great sentiments…and ones that many in the UK HR community can identify with.

Her experiment follows hot on the heels of last week’s 3rd ConnectingHR Unconference and provides the perfect opportunity for the growing UK HR community to reach out to our Canadian cousins and help them to see the benefits of what we have been experiencing for the last 18 months.

So read up on Bonni’s aims and methods…

Connect with her…

Follow the conversation…

And let’s spread the word for HR in a Social World!

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