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In my last blog I listed the five posts from 2011 that were read the most. There were no particular similarity or common theme between them, and looking back it struck me how often the ones that prove most popular are the ones I least expect.

I was keen to find out what other bloggers’ most read posts were…so I asked them!

And here they are…the most read blogs of 2011 from some of our most read bloggers! (Apologies if you’re not included – there was nothing scientific in my methods, I just asked whoever was active in my timeline at the time I had the idea!)

Rob Jones – The One with a Rant about Business Partners

Rob questions the role and evolution, looking at how it has been arrived at and whether there is a disconnect between what it should be and what we think it should be.

Doug Shaw – Kung Fu Panda – The Illusion Of Control

Doug is inspired by the movie and it reminds him of an older post on the illusion of control…having Oogway as your HRD ‘you just need to believe’.

Sukh Pabial – The Nonsense of Not Hiring the Over-qualified

Sukh talks about a big bugbear of mine…why not hire someone very capable of doing the role you have? Why not look for capability and motivation?

FlipChart FairyTales – Public Debt – How Does the UK Compare?

I love these political blogs! This year’s most read is about the UK debt – something which has been in the news all year- and asks is it really as bad as made out?

Gary Franklin – Why Would I Want to Work for Your Company?

Do you make your candidates feel important? Do you give them a compelling reason to want to work for your company? Gary reminds us it’s a two way process.

Graham Salisbury – The Fruitless Search for Employee Happiness

Is the pursuit of employee happiness now more important than ensuring employees are fully equipped to do their jobs? Some intriguing examples on a complex subject.

Alison Chisnell – LinkedIn : 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Connect

A look at invitations to connect on LI and why Alison may not be accept them. With LI spam on the increase it’s a timeless blog and I’m not surprised that it has been so widely read. Great comment section too!

Katie McNab – Dear John…

Katie returned from holiday to 26 sales voicemails from recruitment agencies. Her open letter to recruiters to tell them it was so over is one of the most viewed and commented on blogs in the UK social recruiting space this year!

Neil Morrison – The Real Definition of Organisational Development

Is OD an over-used, misunderstood, woolly concept? Some great analysis and input from Neil on the subject gets you thinking…as every good blog should.

Kevin Ball – How to be a Great Leader – Bring Your Emotions to Work

People are people first and employees second’ – bring your emotions to work and let others do the same. Kevin brings a modern interpretation to classic literature and gives us a timeless lesson.

Gareth Jones – The Myth of the Talent Community

If there’s one expression that has never been very far away from any conversation around recruitment in 2011 its ‘Talent Community’ – Gareth’s take attracted much comment on a topic that will run and run!

Michael Carty – National minimum wage 2011/2012: How will the 2.5% increase to £6.08 for October 2011 stack up against inflation?

Michael’s XpertHR blog covers many political and legal angles on the topics that affect HR and the subject of minimum wage has inspired much debate this year. This well researched blog both informs and enlightens.

theHRD – I Hate Victims Who Respect Their Executioners

2011 saw the passing into the ether of the one HR blog that probably inspired most of us to do this on a regular basis. Barely a week goes by when I don’t miss its insight, its thinking and its downright balls. I have it on good authority that this post – the last published – was the most read.

And in case you missed mine yesterday…it was Thank You for Your Interest. Now Go Away.

So there you have it – rants and insight, debate and rationale, anecdotes and allegories.

Not sure there are any themes that I can pin down on what makes us read certain blogs…other than they are all well written and they all make us think. Which is probably what really makes a blog great.

Enjoy these and let me know what makes a blog stand out for you…and if you really fancy a puzzle, let me know if you can spot a theme that links these blogs!

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