The Challenges of the Two Fingered Tweeter

If you follow me on twitter then you may already know that this weekend I’m having surgery (keyhole) to repair torn cartilage in my shoulder. If the medical technicalities interest you then it’s a Bankart Lesion.

It’s a first for me – I’ve never needed an operation, never broken anything, nor ever required a general anaesthetic, so it will be a whole new experience.

On the down side – I’ve got about 3 months in a sling with minimal use of my left arm, and for the first few weeks minimal use of my left hand too (lucky I’m right handed)

On the up side – I won’t be doing any shopping for a while, I’ll get driven everywhere and the surgeon tells me that he mostly performs the operation on young sportsmen!

It will be daunting at first – having to do everything one handed. Having practiced tasks such as dressing and making lunch using only my right hand I can see that this will be a challenge…but then it will be a challenge that will make me appreciate how lucky I am.

And I may uncover previously untried skills.

So I’ll be the two fingered blogger and tweeter, index and middle fingers primed to skate over the iPad and laptop.

It’ll be awkward, you may have to excuse the typos but the upside for you guys is I’ll be slower hence probably also more succinct!

I’ll let you know how I get on…

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