Searching For The New Social Vision…

Tomorrow sees the 4th ConnectingHR Unconference and we’re talking about socially connected organisations. I wrote in my last blog about how the conversation has developed over the last two years and this topic seems the natural continuation.

Over the last couple of days my friend and fellow ConnectingHR organiser Flora Marriott has been putting together a music playlist for the after event drinks. Hopefully we’ll get a few live numbers courtesy of Doug Shaw and for the rest of the time we’ve been crowdsourcing songs, relevant to the socially connected organisation theme, through the twitter hashtag #chruchoons

Coincidentally my iPod has recently been on a Dexys Midnight Runners nostalgiafest – it must be the band reforming and about to release their first new album for yonks – and the song that springs to mind is There There My Dear. The band’s second hit single, with brass soul riffs and lyrics written as a letter to ‘Robin’, it was in defence of the band’s new soul vision and ripped into po-faced ‘anti-fashion’ bands who didn’t buy into it.

And then there was the classic lyric…

Don’t you know the only way to change things is to shoot the men who arrange things

OK, there’ll only be metaphorical shooting tomorrow…but substitute ‘social’ for ‘soul’ and there you have it! Searching for the New Social Vision!

So here’s the new lyric…hopefully you know the tune 🙂

Dear Robin,
Hope you don’t mind me writing, it’s just that there’s more than one question I need to ask you. If you’re so anti-social media so use pen and paper instead of all e-mailing just the same. It’s just that communicating like that I can express my dissatisfaction.

Dear Robin, let me explain, though you’d never see it in a million years. Keep quoting your endless statistics, engagement surveys, process overviews, performance metrics. And I don’t believe you really read Steve Jobs biography.

Dear Robin, you’re always so happy with the status quo, how the hell do you get your inspiration? You’re like a dumb patriot. If you’re supposed to be so forward thinking, why don’t you re-organise things and let me benefit from your changes?
Don’t you know the only way to change things is to shoot the men who arrange things.

Dear Robin, I would explain, but you’d never see in a million years. Well you’ve made your rules but we don’t want that game, perhaps I’d read your endless e-mails but your logic’s far too lame and I’d only waste three valuable minutes of my life with your insincerity.

You see Robin I’m just searching for the young social rebels and I can’t find them anywhere. Where have you hidden them? Maybe we should welcome the new social vision.


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