What Keeps You Up at Night?

This Wednesday I’m making my debut on the excellent Drive Thru HR, a 30 minute daily blog talk radio show hosted by Bryan Wempen and William Tincup. They talk about Human Resources with a mix of professionals, practitioners, vendors and ‘thought leaders who support HR’ – an all-encompassing mix that ensures the conversation is lively, insightful and covers a wide ground.

The topic is always ‘about HR and whatever keeps you up at night’ – a question that helps ensure each discussion is personal and subjects don’t become repetitive. I’ve been thinking over what I want to talk about and I hope that I can contribute to a chat that keeps all Bryan and William’s listeners tuned in!

If you want to tune in and hear our discussion then click on this link at 6pm UK time, 12.00 CST US time

If you want to follow on twitter then the hashtag is #dthr

Whilst thinking over what I was going to talk about it did strike me that I do lie awake thinking about stuff quite a bit. I’ve always been a fairly light sleeper, but even allowing for that I do seem to lose anything up to an hour’s sleep some nights thinking about things, some arising from that day or evening. And I notice many people in my twitter timeline also talking about having had a restless night’s sleep.

Without touching on what I’ll talk about on Drive Thru HR there seem to be three main themes that fill my head at about 4am:

  • My son (hardly surprising…currently university applications, career choice and A-Levels – am I giving the right support, guidance and insight)
  • Elderly relatives (mainly my mum plus partner’s father who is in a care home but may be coming out soon – am I doing enough to help them)
  • Things I haven’t done (a regular theme! Can be work related, bills not paid, Oyster card not re-charged or other random stuff – yes, I am disorganised!)

I remember that my dad was always a worrier and often would be awake half the night…can’t think it’s hereditary though.

Anyone else care to share? Are you awake at night thinking about things – if so what? You never know…there may be a load of us awake thinking about the same stuff.

Please tune in on Wednesday at 6pm UK time to hear me chew the fat with Bryan and William – and also tune back in next Monday (6th August) when it’s the turn of my friend Doug Shaw to guest on the show and keep the flag flying for TeamGB!

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