With This Policy, I Thee Wed…it’s the Valentine’s Day #HRCarnival


It’s my honour (you’ve got a Brit this time so it’s my blog, my spelling I’m afraid) to host the HRCarnival in this week of love, champagne, chocolates and…pancakes! OK…Mardi Gras 🙂

I put a call out for love themed blogs, but in amongst the incurable romantics some of you HR people just can’t leave the business alone…so I’ve some proper work ones too!

And there’s also a final section from me.

So here goes…

Spreading the Love!

First off I’m extending a warm HR Carnival welcome to first time contributor Jane Watson, an HR Manager from Toronto whose Talent Vanguard blog is a personal favourite of mine. Jane and HR are in a long-term relationship, though here she tells us about one or two things that she wished she’d known at the start!

Next we have Emily Jasper from The Starr Conspiracy telling us about the things she loves and why it’s important that Work Loves The Things You Love too. Even the moose!

Ian Welsh will get the pulses racing with his blog Love in the Filing Room – a cheeky Valentines look at his first job. OK, it’s not quite 50 Shades of Admin…but then I didn’t want to have a parental guidance sticker on this post!

From HR with Love is Shauna Moerke’s post. And our loveable, huggable HR Minion (without whom these carnivals wouldn’t happen!) doesn’t disappoint in this call out for all HRs hopeless romantics 🙂

Nancy Saperstone from Insight Performance offers us 5 tips for increasing the love in your company. ‘Engaged employees are happy employees, and happy employees feel the LOVE!

Do what you love, and do it often” says Anna Lettink. She’s spreading the love and in this blog – This Is Your Life – is talking about love for our place of work.

Ben Eubanks’ Upstart HR blog is sending thanks to the great managers who make our day special. He still hearts his last boss and in A Tribute to Great Managers he tells us why.

Here’s Steve Browne, an HR blogger and engager par excellence, and who gives us Eat. Sleep. Do HR. – do you do HR or rock it? I think we all know which one Steve does!

At TribeHR they’re bringing the love in to HR. Feline love. There’s a great visual on their HR and Open Lines of Cat Stories blog too!

Business as usual!

I’m sure not every reader wants to get slushy and lovey dovey just because its V*l*nt*n*s Day, so they can just skim through the last section and get down to business… Continue reading “With This Policy, I Thee Wed…it’s the Valentine’s Day #HRCarnival”

From Network to Family

Sometimes a simple ‘Thank You’ isn’t enough. Sometimes you feel the need to say more, make a grander gesture. Shout it out loud.

Sometimes ‘network’ isn’t a strong enough word. Sometimes you feel part of something bigger, stronger. From network to friendships to family, with all the interdependency that word entails.

Last week was a really great week. I started a new job. Not any job, but exactly THE job that I hoped to find. I wrote about it on my blog and was overwhelmed by the response, the good wishes, the congratulations and the confidence that people had shown in me. It meant a lot.

I wasn’t the only one who had a special week. Read these blogs from Gary Franklin and Gareth Jones to find out about others in our network who had cause to celebrate, be joyous or just shed a tear.

I feel really lucky to be part of an online network, community…FAMILY…that offers support, guidance…dare I say love.

So as it’s Valentine’s Day…and I’m pretty sure that my Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn followers and friends don’t want to read endless individual messages of thanks…I want to send one BIG HUG to everyone who has offered support, advice and congratulations.












And as a kind of pay it forward, why not read about some other people in the network who could also use a little support, advice, insight and input…

HR Hopeful – A Letter To My Boss

TinyBean HR – When HR Messes Up…Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Emma aka Onatrainagain – Baby Blues

As I wrote in a recent blog…We’re One Big Happy HR Family!