From Network to Family

Sometimes a simple ‘Thank You’ isn’t enough. Sometimes you feel the need to say more, make a grander gesture. Shout it out loud.

Sometimes ‘network’ isn’t a strong enough word. Sometimes you feel part of something bigger, stronger. From network to friendships to family, with all the interdependency that word entails.

Last week was a really great week. I started a new job. Not any job, but exactly THE job that I hoped to find. I wrote about it on my blog and was overwhelmed by the response, the good wishes, the congratulations and the confidence that people had shown in me. It meant a lot.

I wasn’t the only one who had a special week. Read these blogs from Gary Franklin and Gareth Jones to find out about others in our network who had cause to celebrate, be joyous or just shed a tear.

I feel really lucky to be part of an online network, community…FAMILY…that offers support, guidance…dare I say love.

So as it’s Valentine’s Day…and I’m pretty sure that my Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn followers and friends don’t want to read endless individual messages of thanks…I want to send one BIG HUG to everyone who has offered support, advice and congratulations.












And as a kind of pay it forward, why not read about some other people in the network who could also use a little support, advice, insight and input…

HR Hopeful – A Letter To My Boss

TinyBean HR – When HR Messes Up…Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Emma aka Onatrainagain – Baby Blues

As I wrote in a recent blog…We’re One Big Happy HR Family!

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