A Big Thank You! Now, What Would You Like To Know About Me?

So my job hunt is underway, and firstly I want to thank everyone who read, commented on, tweeted and re-tweeted Friday’s blog. And to those who have also reached out into their own networks for me.

No matter how much time I spend communicating through social media, and meeting and engaging offline with  the increasing numbers of online contacts that I now have, I never cease to be amazed and, quite frankly, humbled at the way the community pulls together and offers support and encouragement when it is most needed.

A big THANK YOU to you all.

You have probably noticed that I have refurbished the blog…and I will be adding some extra information over the coming days. One feature that I am looking to add is a vlog where I can talk about some of the things that a potential employer may want to know.

And here I am going to be asking for some help.

A lot of people reading this are involved in recruiting and I am keen to know the key questions that you would ask me. My aim is to take the top 5 and post a clip of me answering them.

Maybe I can call it 5 things you need to know about me.

So what are the questions you would like to ask me? Let me know…

3 thoughts on “A Big Thank You! Now, What Would You Like To Know About Me?

  1. Hi Mervyn,

    Must confess was shocked when I saw you blog.

    Not sure what I can do to help but I do have a network but nothing like yours.

    Also be old school tend to do things less in the gleare of “social media”.

    So send me your contact no and I’ll call you – you have my email address.

    Would have suggested meeting in London this week but not sure when I’ll be down.

    Loads out there for someone with your skill set.

    Take Care

    Keith Robinson

  2. Hi Mervyn,
    The way to go. I have no evidence that it will work, however I myself am trying to use my blog for job hunt. I am very new to both blogging and job hunting too and while my toddler blog was set up for slightly different purpose, finding a job is no.1 priority at the moment. Check my blog http://hrbeginner.blogspot.com/ for inspiration and the interview http://ow.ly/3rN6Z with @LisWilson from HRconnexions, talking blogs and job hunt. @petergold99 wrote a blog post worth looking at too http://ow.ly/3rN3M. Good luck and wish me the same. I hope to meet you at #connectingHR tweetup in London

  3. Hi Mervyn,

    In your last post you mentioned that you’re also interested in in-house jobs.

    I believe that there’s a special bond between an employee and the recruiter who initially brought them on board, even if they never work directly together. After all, the recruiter is the (first) face of the company and usually the one calling to say “we would love to work with you!”

    So an interesting question could be:
    How can an employer take advantage of this in the long-term, for instance to increase an employee’s identification with the company and to decrease turnover?

    I know it’s not exactly a question about you, but it would show how you think.

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