Help! Save Me From ‘Loose Women’!

I need a new job. I need a new opportunity.                                                                    

I’ve been at home for a few days now and after experiencing daytime TV I can tell you that that need is even greater!

Regular readers will know that I’m a recruiter with over 20 years experience, all gained within the agency or 3rd party sector. I’ve recruited across many skillsets from finance to sales and the recruitment industry itself. Recent years have seen me focus on recruiting HR professionals, and they certainly comprise the largest part of my network, the part that I engage with on a daily basis.

I am happy to work agency, in-house, RPO or as an interim. I firmly believe that it’s not where you work but how you work that counts in this industry. The search is only just starting so I am really happy to talk to anyone about any ideas or opportunities.

So what do I do?

I find great people for clients.

I help candidates find great jobs.

I am consultative; I work with clients to identify what the ‘perfect candidate’ looks like and how best to get them.

I help candidates navigate the job market, enabling them to use social media and networking to help find roles themselves…they are potential future clients after all.

I build relationships with candidates and clients based on trust and mutual respect. This helps me gain referrals and repeat business.

I am an ambassador for whichever business employs me and for the clients who brief me.

Oh, and I write a blog that’s been judged one of the top 5 UK Recruitment Blogs!

If you read this blog, you’ll know that I believe in relationships, reputation, respect and realism. And that I also believe the future’s social.

What am I like? Well, I’m honest, agile, passionate and collaborative (in my very humble opinion)…but don’t just take my written word for it. You’ll soon be able to see for yourself.

I was interviewed by Dee Allen from Redmos at TruLondon earlier this year, talking about the ups and downs, highs and lows of my time in recruitment, and will have those interviews here on the blog for you to watch next week.

If you want a sneak preview, then click Redmos and launch the homepage video.

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Or just call me.

Let’s engage. Let’s talk.

11 thoughts on “Help! Save Me From ‘Loose Women’!

  1. Mervyn, you ask…what are you like? In the short time I’ve known you I’ve been struck by how encouraging you are. You seem to have a knack, a well practices knack for helping people to get the best out of themselves. So if I may, I would add that to your list above. Mervyn Dinnen. Encourager par excellence.

    Best wishes – Doug

  2. I definitely agree with Doug’s assessment that you are an Encourager par Excellence, plus many many other valuable things. Social coach, full of integrity, a great relationship builder and networker, committted, credible and kind to name but a few. I suspect an open mind will be one of the most useful things to arm yourself with on this journey, as the opportunities may come in many unexpected shapes and forms.

    Lot of luck and let me know if I can be of any help 😉

  3. Mervyn I don’t know you well as I have been involved in SoMe interaction with HR twist for only about a month. One thing is for sure that I definitely share your frustration. I know I can’t help you getting your new job but on your scream for engagement I am open to share your ups and downs as I myself am desperately looking for HR job. I have subscribed to your blog now and will follow you on twitter. Feel free and check my own baby blog which is still in toddler stage but seems to be well received so far. Any feedbacks much appreciated. ps. I hope we will meet at connectinghr tweetup.

  4. I would say good luck with your job hunt Mervyn but you just don’t need it. If you manage to find a recruiter who really cares about candidates as well as clients, who is determined to make the right match, who has in-depth client knowledge and has bags of warmth, humility and integrity then you will fare as well as all the candidates you have helped.
    Enjoy your Christmas break, recharge your batteries and connections, and enjoy the opportunity this presents.

  5. Mervyn, you know I’m here to help in any way I can. I agree with Steve about coming to the states. Is relo an option? In the meantime, I’d add that since we’ve become friends I’ve personally witnessed your strong leadership skills, your ability to reach out to others, and your ability to rally people together for a common goal. You’re an innovator, a creator, and even an instigator. All in the most positive way.

    Let’s get you hired!

  6. Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts guys. Humbled.

    I like the idea of being an Encourager…in fact maybe Social Media Encourager is the job that I’m looking for…

    As for the States Steve,,,you never know!

  7. Mervyn, firstly – no one ever needs saving from Loose Women, where else will you learn?

    Secondly, I can only re-iterate what others have said here. You are THE consumate professional, the one man in a history of careless recruiters who is smart enough to give as much time and effort to the candidates as to the companies who engage your services.

    You made a difference to me, you listened, you suggested ways to improve, you treated me with respect and credibility when I thought that all UK recruiters were tarred with the one brush. You won’t have an issue getting more work doing the same thing – but with the massive difference you provide to real people about real stuff. I’d very happily recommend you to any employer, as I have done previously and will continue to do! Anyone can learn skills – attitude if you remember makes you unique.

    Merry Christmas, enjoy the break, re-ignite the fire and then let me know where you are next!

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