Is HR Blogging the new Rock ‘n Roll??

“This is a chord, this is another, this is a third. Now form a band.” (punk fanzine, 1977)

Or maybe it’s the new punk rock?

It certainly fits well with the DIY ethic of punk, the anyone-can-do-it attitude, and the embracing of individualism and free thought.

Now we’re all doing it…and we’re all reading them! It’s huge and growing. And to think that barely 6 months ago we were bemoaning the lack of new HR bloggers in the UK!

Over the last few months there has been a real increase in the number of HR professionals and recruiters starting their own blogs…some to document their thoughts and adventures, others to enhance their job hunt, others to enlighten us about their jobs or to ask for support.

But even this growth was trumped last weekend with four new bloggers starting to publish…and not shy with it either! Two of them launched with two or more posts!

Want to know who they are? Then read this blog from Alison Chisnell, herself a near veteran blogger (of 3 months!!) Four HR Blogs to Brighten Your January – such is the pace that a fifth new blog was published whilst she was writing (read last paragraph)

I love this explosion of creativity and energy, insight and soul searching. Having put my blog at the forefront of my job search I know that many companies and recruiters are reading them…even those not actively using social media are reading blogs and subscribing.

Three things I really like are:

1)      They are all different…the ones that I have read are really personal and honest, showing what it’s like to be a practicing HR professional, the highs and lows

2)      Anyone can start one…the current platforms of choice are wordpress, posterous and blogger and they make it so easy to set up and maintain a blog that there is no need to be a tecchie. All very punk!

3)      They really show what it’s like to work in HR…as Charlie Duff (Editor, HR Zone) wrote earlier today about one of the best new posts Angel of Doom:

“This is what the CIPD should be quoting as a reason to work in HR”

If you haven’t started yet…what’s stopping you?

WordPress is the new MySpace!!





17 thoughts on “Is HR Blogging the new Rock ‘n Roll??

  1. A great post and thanks for the mention! It is very possible that my only good post will be The Angel of Doom and the rest will just be rubbish. Very rock and roll! I’ll be a one hit wonder 😉

  2. I love blog n bull, so put another dime in the jukebox baby. 😉
    Love this post Merv x
    On another note, how come no-one wants to read my insane rambling blog? Oh yeah, it’s complete shite…..!

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