One Big Happy HR Family

Today sees the fourth ConnectingHR get together…a tweetup which had been widely and energetically anticipated. Having been involved in this community from the idea stage through previous tweetups and an unconference to its current stage of weekly chat and daily twitter interaction I have been excited and energised by the way it has developed from a social network into a real community. 

We are supportive, collaborative and encouraging, sharing information, thoughts, feelings and wisdom. Every week sees new bloggers and a new contributors. We talk HR, we talk food!

I was drawn to a blogpost from Kevin Wheeler which first appeared last summer – From Social Networks to Communities – in which he talks of the development of networks of people into communities, in which everyone has access to and can communicate with everyone else.

The post is a really good read. Kevin talks of 5 characteristics that a strong community exhibits:

Collaboration and Sharing

Feeling Included

Similar Values



There’s little doubt in my mind that the ConnectingHR community exhibits all these…it has  moved from tentative to social to fully collaborative. I know from personal experience how they have pulled together to help during my recent change of circumstances and they are welcoming and embracing.

Last week I joined some of the community at a local CIPD branch meeting where we helped HR professionals new to social media to navigate obstacles and hesitancies and to start connecting and engaging. It seemed natural and was borne out of a strong interest to get as many people involved as possible.

The ConnectingHR tweetup is more than a networking event.

It’s a night out with friends.

We’re one big happy HR family!

12 thoughts on “One Big Happy HR Family

  1. Great post Mervyn that reflects well how things move from on-line to off-line with a little prodding. Kudos to Gareth, John and everyone involved for achieving the switch.
    Kevins post is spot on in this, and it will be one of the areas he will be addressing at #trulondon in Feb.

  2. Thank you for this Mervyn,
    I am a living example of what #connectingHR can do to other HR professionals. And frankly I will have to control myself tonight to make sure I don’t interfere with personal space of some as I feel that you all folks deserve some big hugs. 😉

  3. Hi, Just seen the connecting HR hashtag move through my timeline and went to have a look. I am normally a parenting blogger but my profession is HR so will keep an eye on this hashtag.

    Have a great night. What part of the country are you all meeting in?

    Cheers, Michelle

    1. Thanks for commenting Michelle, good to make your acquaintance here! As Charlie says, our get togethers have so far been in London, with an unconference coming in May, also in London. Whereabouts are you located?

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