Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Klout Score

A bit of fun maybe but this one will get the Klout deniers up in arms. Not sure how I missed it a few weeks ago but there’s a US dating site – Tawkify – that now offers to match you with your perfect partner based on Klout scores.

Cool huh?!!

Love these quotes from one of the co-founders on why they use Klout integration…

“People with high Klout scores know how to listen and know how to react; they’re cute, smart and connected. It’s as powerful as someone’s height or weight.”

“We’ve found that Klout scores are an authentic measurement of sophistication, wit, cultural savvy and appeal — a much truer and more trustworthy measurement than the typical online dating site bull-hockey-factors of height, weight and income”

So there you have it – you can put your Klout score on a CV and get a job, and now it can get you a date too.

I realise that a lot of my regular readers are, shall we say, a little sceptical about Klout, and indeed the whole business of measuring influence come to that. I have previously voiced my own thoughts too.

And I can’t help but wonder what kind of first date two people with high Klout scores will have…lots of check ins, liking, tweeting and live blogging of each other’s’ jokes and opinions no doubt.

But then if an algorithm can decide that I’m cute, smart, sophisticated, witty and savvy…then hell, who am I to argue 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Klout Score

  1. This is totally ridiculous and really… what I see it likely doing is pairing egos more than anything else. If you really wanted to get Klout involved with dating matching? Seems like you’d pair the inverse; by that I mean match them by their topics, not their actual score. Then, by topic, place someone with a high klout score with someone who has a substantially lower klout score – the higher # will get the benefit of the adoration/adulation & the lower # will feel like they’re learning something from someone they could potentially like, to boot!

    This? Was a fun/funny way to wake up this morning; thanks Mervyn!

  2. Given that every time Klout email me telling me my specialism is recipes or dry flower pressing or whatever, I’d imagine any date based on Klout analysis would end in disaster:

    DATING MAN: “They told me you were into basket weaving and ferret racing!”
    DATING LADY: “What? I’ve never woven a basket or raced a ferret in my entire life. Anyway, enough about me. What about you? According to Klout, you’re some kind of authority on Outer Mongolian literature, origami and chess!”
    DATING MAN: “F*** off! I’ve never even been to Mongolia, Inner or Outer”
    DATING LADY: “Ah, so you ARE an expert on the other two!”
    DATING MAN: “I dabble. I get by. Oh, and I DO have a rather impressive Klout score of 47!”
    DATING LADY: “47? Impressive? Do me a favour! I specifically asked for the over 50s, Kasparov!”
    DATING MAN: “P*** off you ferret fancying twat!”

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