MIND’S EYE – Please Support Simon’s Initiative

Merv pointing












The above is a piece of artwork that the wonderful Simon Heath created for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have recently been the subject of 3 pieces created by him…the other two are below. It was created in response to some joshing on Twitter between myself and Perry Timms about my ‘pointing’ avatars and Rodin’s The Thinker.

The three pieces I’m using here just scratch the surface of the range of artwork he can produce – you can see a lot more of his work, both the professional and the fun reactive pieces, on his blog Work Musing.

He is a very talented illustrator, animator and cartoonist who works with businesses on communications artworking. I have met him once and found him to be warm, considerate, intelligent and very giving of his time, and I want to bring to your attention something that he is doing to help raise money for the mental health charity MIND.

You can read the full background on his own blog here – inspired by Jon Bartlett he is going to create a piece of unique artwork for a blind auction. Jon has recently blogged for MIND and his January post for Alison Chisnell’s guest blog series started the HR for Mental Health initiative.

Here is Simon’s offer, in his own words…

“I have been inspired by Jon to create something unique to raise money for this wonderful charity and I want someone to have the chance to determine what that is and to own the result. You can find examples of my cartoon work elsewhere on this blog. The premise is simple. If you would like a bespoke cartoon (no larger than A4 in size) created to your specification, you should email me at sjheath@live.co.uk with your bid. The auction is blind so you will not be aware of the value of other bids. The bidding period will last from the moment this post is published until midnight (British Summer Time) on Friday 14th June 2013. On Saturday 15th June, I will contact the highest bidder to notify them that they have submitted the winning bid and to find out what subject matter they would like the cartoon to cover. With their permission I will announce their name and chosen topic both here and on Twitter on the same day and also to publish the final artwork here for you all to see. I will of course need to see proof of donation”

I urge all regular readers to get involved with this initiative.

I’m not joining the auction as Simon has kindly already created these pieces of bespoke artwork about me…in recognition of which I will make my own donation to MIND.

Can’t wait to seeing the winning artwork in a couple of weeks!














Merv Recruiting poster

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